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Don't automatically assume the "low fat" or "lite" version of a particular product will have a higher NuVal® Score. In some instances, these so-called "better" products have less fiber or more sugar and are actually less nutritious overall.

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NuVal® Scores are displayed directly on shelf price tags, so you can compare overall nutrition the same way you compare price. Learn more about how to Shop with NuVal Scores.


Some of the country’s leading grocery chains feature the NuVal System in their stores and more will be launching in the coming year. The NuVal System is currently in the following stores. Click on the logo to be linked to the store finder to locate the store nearest you. 



If your local grocery store isn't on the list, be sure to ask the store manager about the NuVal Nutritional Scoring System. Click here for a brochure to bring to the manager or suggest a store directly to us. 


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