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Legal Disclaimers



Not medical advice.  Not a diet.


The NuVal System, NuVal Scores, NuVal Attributes, the NuVal Empower offering, and any other NuVal offerings are expressly not medical advice or a therapeutic diet for any specific health condition.  They are intended as guidance in comparing the overall nutritional quality of products, and should be used together with other nutrition tools such as tools for portion control, calorie intake and balance/variety, and with professional advice for specific health issues.  DO NOT RELY ON THIS SITE OR ANY CONTENT ACCESSED ON OR THROUGH IT FOR MEDICAL ADVICE - CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN.  The content on this site and the NuVal System are for informational purposes only and are not intended to be, or serve as a substitute for, professional medical advice, examination, diagnosis or treatment.  Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.  Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of information you accessed on or through any portion of this site.  Diet programs should not be followed without first consulting a health care professional. 


NuVal Scores do not consider the presence of allergens and are not an indication of the level of any specific nutrient. 


Computation depends on available data.  Scores change.


NuVal Scores and NuVal Attributes are generated primarily using data from FDA/USDA mandated labels on product packages scanned at participating retailers.  NuVal does not perform independent laboratory testing of products.   NuVal Scores and NuVal Attributes can only be as accurate and consistent as the information manufacturers put on its FDA/USDA mandated labels. 


Further, NuVal Scores and NuVal Attributes are subject to change based on modifications made by the manufacturer to product nutrition labels.  Manufacturers can notify NuVal of changes to their FDA/USDA product labels online using  NuVal also re-scans products periodically to check for changes to the manufacturer labels.  If a label change has not been reported to NuVal by the manufacturer and has not yet been captured in NuVal’s audit process then the NuVal Score and/or Attribute may be out of date depending on the extent of the changes to the product label.  The manufacturer provided information on the specific product package in-hand should always be used as the best source of information about the specific item, and should be checked for any applicable warnings regarding allergens.


NuVal Scores and NuVal Attributes are not available for all products.


 Scoring Algorithm is based on opinions of experts.  Guidance is intended for average Americans. 


Nutrition and health research continue to progress and develop new knowledge.  Further, evaluation of nutrition and health research will always be subject to differences of opinion.  NuVal Scores are only as accurate as the opinions of the experts who are designing and updating the ONQI® algorithm used to generate NuVal Scores.  There will necessarily be a delay between when new research or official dietary guidelines are published and when that information is evaluated and incorporated into the ONQI algorithms and then into the NuVal Scores . 


 NuVal Scores are intended solely to provide guidance as to the relative overall nutritional quality when comparing products.  Due to the limitations in the available data and the inherent complexities of designing a simple system that considers so many factors and that captures the collective opinion of multiple experts, NuVal Scores are not intended as precise or absolute or final, but rather as general guidance of the kind you would receive from this group of experts if they were shopping with you and offering one consensus opinion.


NuVal Scores and NuVal Attributes are intended as guidance for average Americans, based in large part on U.S. government recommendations including the Dietary Guidelines for Americans (published by the Department of Health and the USDA) and other recommendations of the FDA and USDA.  They are expressly not intended to apply to children under age two, or to individuals with specific health conditions or needs. 


Further, NuVal Attributes designations are based on the standard nutrition fact panel found on product packaging.  Because the nutrition fact panel is based on a 2,000 calorie diet and the FDA recommended “Daily Value”, some Attributes designations do not apply to children under age four, or to individuals with a different calorie diet.  NuVal Attributes are calculated based on specific criteria, available here.


Product images do not indicate a relationship or affiliation.


Product images, names or brands are included only to show what product was scored and are not intended to suggest any affiliation, endorsement, sponsorship or other relationship with the manufacturer of the displayed product.