NuVal Mom Sally Galvin

Meet NuVal mom Sally Galvin! 


Eighteen months ago, Sally made a commitment to get healthier and lose weight. By sticking to a diet and exercising—and with the guidance of NuVal Scores to help her find the most nutritious foods at her local Hy-Vee supermarket—she is now 115 pounds lighter! We talked with Sally to see how she did it!


Sally before...    ...and Sally after she lost 115 pounds with the help of NuVal Scores! 

NuVal:  What was the trigger for your weight loss?

Sally:  It was our family trip to Walt Disney World. Before the trip I started using an elliptical machine. After a couple of weeks I realized that I hadn’t lost any weight after working out almost every day, so I knew I had to get on top of my diet too. I really just started to pay attention to what I was buying at the grocery store by looking at the NuVal Scores.


NuVal:  What have been some of the challenges?

Sally: I have a family and a full time job (like most people) so I have to cook meals that my family will like. I still have to balance the tastes of my family.  It doesn’t do any good to make nutritious meals if no one will EAT them.  But I try to upgrade nutritionally every chance I get.  NuVal helps me greatly in that arena especially where no one would ever really know the difference.


NuVal:  How did NuVal Scores help you reach your goals?

Sally:  I love NuVal.  I think it’s a terrific tool.  NuVal has really worked by helping me make lots of little changes, even while feeling like I’m not really sacrificing anything. But, making these little trade-ups day after day, week after week has made a difference for me. The system cuts through all the clutter and makes it easier to decide amongst brands or even between options offered by one brand. That’s really been the biggest help that I’ve gotten from NuVal- seeing where can I trade up nutritionally and make better choices.


NuVal: Where do you use NuVal Scores?

I’ve always shopped at Hy-Vee. I really appreciate the additional information I get from a quick glance at the NuVal Scores on the shelf.  I love to buy Hy-Vee branded items because of their lower price but I often find they also have higher NuVal scores than the more expensive national brands.  What’s not to love? I definitely think that it helps Hy-Vee to have NuVal. It’s terrific.


NuVal:  What kind of impact has NuVal and your weight loss had on your life?

Sally:   The biggest change in the way I feel as a result of NuVal is my energy- it’s really amazing. We went for a walk with the family and I was racing the kids to the park. Before this I would have been way behind. I also feel more comfortable physically.  My general fitness has vastly improved too.  My friends want to know what I did to lose the weight and how I did it. They expect me to say it was a pill or a magic diet, but I really just exercise now and have control of my eating because of NuVal.


NuVal:  What do your kids think of NuVal?

Sally:  What makes me happiest though is the interest my kids take in the (NuVal Scores).  My 4 year old son frequently asks me what “number” or “rating” his orange or broccoli gets.  He likes to “keep score” and this has sparked a real interest in nutrition.  He wants to know, “what good stuff is in this?” So I do my best to fill him in on the vitamins, fiber, etc in his food and hope he’s storing it all away.  Anything that helps steer him in this direction and gets him thinking critically about what he’s eating is great for this NuVal Mom!


NuVal:  What do you think is the “secret” to your success?

Sally:  A lot of my success in changing my body took place from the shoulders up when I lost my “all or nothing” mentality.  For example, if I “mess up” and eat a cookie, I don’t think that I’ve ruined my day so I might as well eat 6 more. I also learned how to really listen to my body so that I eat until I’m satisfied instead of full and how long different kinds of foods sustain me. Now I’m satisfied eating 1-2 French Fries off my kid’s plate instead of getting my own plate because I know I’ll feel so much better afterwards.


NuVal:  Thanks so much for sharing your story!

Sally:  I’m happy to share my story with anyone because I really feel like I did it right.  I lost weight slowly, reasonably, and without feeling like it was taking over my life.