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Meet Dr. Katz
Dr. David Katz, NuVal® System visionary, discusses how NuVal can help make everyone a nutrition expert.

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Three ways to guide consumers


The NuVal® Nutritional Scoring System is proud to announce a new series of products for retailers to successfully position themselves as a Health and Wellness resource in their communities:



NuVal® Scores and More




NuVal® Scores and More, a two-pronged approach to wellness, guides consumers to the most nutritious foods on the shelf through the use of NuVal Scores, while also aiding shoppers who want to know about certain ingredients highlighted by NuVal’s Attribute program


NuVal® Scores






NuVal® Scores, the most comprehensive system of its kind, and the only system that has been scientifically proven to prevent chronic illness, is now on the shelves of nearly 1,700 supermarkets across the U.S. and seen by millions of shoppers each day.


NuVal® Attributes








NuVal® Attributes reaches a smaller population of consumers who are seeking specific ingredients; everything from low sodium to a good source of fiber, or gluten-free to organic is called out in an easy-to-use system.  Like NuVal Scores, NuVal attributes can easily be implemented into a retailer’s shelf tag system, making it an economical way for retailers to establish a position in the Health and Wellness arena.  But, unlike other systems, NuVal Attributes are filtered to prevent improper guidance on low-nutrition products.


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