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Meet Dr. Katz
Dr. David Katz, NuVal® System visionary, discusses how NuVal can help make everyone a nutrition expert.

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Nutrition By The Numbers

Test your knowledge.


Every day, we hear the news; childhood obesity is rising, and we continue to struggle for ways to get better nutrition into our children’s diets. We feel that NuVal can be part of that solution. Our scores have ranked more than 100,000 foods, and are seen by millions of shoppers each day in supermarkets across the country.


Students should be as familiar with how NuVal works as they are with the scores on their latest algebra test—we score foods on a scale of 1 to 100; the higher the score, the better the nutrition. One food, one score, one decision at a time, we teach students the nutritional value of the choices they make each day.


NuVal Scores in schools are more than theory; they’re proven. In a student poll taken at one of our “NuVal Schools,” nearly 70% of students said they personally used NuVal Scores while grocery shopping. Another 88% of them said they found NuVal Scores to be useful. And 70% said they are likely to trade up for a higher scoring food option now that they have NuVal to help them make informed decisions.


Our scoring system allows students and everyone who uses NuVal Scores to select foods like an expert. At a glance, they can figure out what cereals, drinks, or even salty snacks contain the most nutrition.  


Today, NuVal Scores can be found in cafeterias in five school districts in four states:


Mansfield Public Schools, Mansfield, Connecticut
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Derby High School, Derby, Connecticut
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Kingsport, Tennessee
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Sartell High School, Sartell, Minnesota
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Independence, Missouri
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Our newest launch took place on February 20, 2013 in Mansfield, Connecticut. Check out our press release here


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