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Dr. David Katz, NuVal® System visionary, discusses how NuVal can help make everyone a nutrition expert.

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Created by an international team of leading experts, NuVal® is the most comprehensive nutritional scoring system in existence. NuVal scores range from 1 to 100, the higher the number, the better the nutrition. It's that simple! We help millions of shoppers every year make healthier, more nutritious food choices. NuVal eliminates the guess work and empowers you to make healthy eating easier for you and your family.


For more information about how the NuVal Nutritional Scoring System works, click here


About NuVal® Empower:


NuVal Empower is our first program that releases two incredible tools to our subscribers, the NuVal Score Search Platform and NuVal's mobile app NuScan. These tools provide access to the NuVal Scoring System so you can make more nutritious food choices anytime, anywhere.


While an Empower subscription includes access to both tools, we also offer individual subscriptions to the Score Search platform and to NuScan.


What can you do with the Score Search website?

  • Search NuVal's extensive database of scores at anytime
  • See the scores, attributes, nutrition information, and ingredients
  • Evaluate the foods you (or your clients) eat
  • Find higher scoring options (Trade Up to better nutrition)
  • Compare food products, brands, attributes, and nutrition information side by side
  • Export comparisons to Excel and play with the results

What can you do with NuScan?

  • Scan a barcode UPC and see the NuVal Score INSTANTLY
  • Compare scores of your favorite foods
  • Trade up to better nutrition by choosing higher scoring products
  • You can even submit up to 5 un-scored products directly to NuVal for scoring each month!

How much does it cost?

  • Empower: For just $6.95 a month, you will have unlimited access to Score Search and NuScan, and to the best nutritional scoring system in the world.
  • Score Search: For $6.50 a month, you will have unlimited access to the Score Search platform, one of the most scrupulously managed, UPC-specific nutrient databases available.
  • NuScan: For only $1.99 a month, you will have unlimited access to the mobile app and will be able to trade up to better nutrition while on the run.

Give the gift of health


Purchase a one-year gift subscription to any of the NuVal tools for 15% off! Give a friend or loved one the gift of health by purchasing a full year of access to Empower for $70, Score Search for $65, or to NuScan for just $20! Click the button below to buy a gift subscription.





Signed up? To access the NuScan app on Apple devices, click here. For Android devices, click here.


Want to see what Empower can do for you? Watch a free demo below!




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