Scientific Advisory Board


The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) provides ongoing oversight of the NuVal® System's scoring engine, the ONQI® algorithm (which is owned and managed by Griffin Hospital), and its applications. Comprised of recognized nutrition and medical experts, many of whom played a key role in the initial development of the ONQI® algorithm, the SAB is responsible for the making timely adjustments to the algorithm as scientific advancements and changes in food supply conditions make appropriate. The SAB also helps coordinate and oversee ongoing scientific testing of the ONQI® algorithm and its influence on health outcomes.



Our Team of Experts:                                                                                                                                                               


Development  -  The Scientific Expert Panel (SEP)


Chair: Dr. David Katz, Yale University School of Medicine
Dr. Keith Ayoob, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Dr. Leonard Epstein, University of Buffalo; inventor, Traffic Light Diet
Dr. David Jenkins, University of Toronto; inventor, Glycemic Index
Dr. Francine Kaufman, UCLA; Former President, American Diabetes Association
Dr. Robert Kushner, Northwestern University
Dr. Ronald Prior, Arkansas Children’s Nutrition Center, USDA HNRC
Dr. Rebecca Reeves, Past President, American Dietetic Association
Dr. Barbara Rolls, Pennsylvania State University
Dr. Sachiko St. Jeor, University of Nevada
Dr. John Seffrin, President & CEO, American Cancer Society
Dr. Walter Willett, Harvard University



Maintenance  -  The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)


Dr. David Katz, Ex Officio, Yale University School of Medicine

Dr. Keith Ayoob, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Dr. Gail Frank, California State University Long Beach

Dr. Frank Hu, Harvard University, Harvard School of Public Health

Dr. David Jenkins, University of Toronto

Dr. Rebecca Reeves, University of Texas School of Public Health




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