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NuVal® Scores are not dependent on food portions, as the overall nutrition quality of a food does not change with its portion size.

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With NuVal® Scores in stores, comparison shopping takes on a whole new meaning. The System’s 1-100 scoring range makes it easier than ever to shop for good nutrition.  All you have to do is:

It’s easy to incorporate NuVal Scores into your regular shopping routine. Just look for the NuVal System’s double-hexagon emblem and 1-100 food score on shelf tags next to the price.


The NuVal Score’s convenient location on the shelf tag lets you compare overall nutrition the same way you compare price.  No more scouring nutrition labels; with NuVal Scores, you can see and compare food’s nutritional value in a single number at a single glance.


NuVal Scores make it easy to find more nutritious alternatives - even in the salty snack aisle.  So when you want to buy more nutritious foods, simply look for those with higher NuVal Scores.  And even if you don’t buy the product with the highest Score, you have the nutrition information you need to make your decision quickly and easily.


If you need help using the NuVal Scores while you’re shopping, store managers and associates will be able to answer your questions and show you how to get started.


Find a store near you that uses the NuVal System.


And don’t worry if you don’t see NuValScores in your favorite food aisle, because they are coming soon.  Scores are rolled out by category and, eventually, almost every product in the supermarket will have a NuVal Score.  


Get a jump on your next visit to the grocery store.  See samples NuVal Scores in a variety of food categories.